Why is my parking location so important?

City of Plano Property and Standards Department has concluded that my home can have up to 3 cars parked in front of my house without being in violation of ZO Section 3-110.

All classes are limited to 1 car per household to assure compliance with ZO Section 3-110.

Other Plano swim businesses have been forced to move/shut down from being found in violation of this rule.

Why is it so important that I apply my sunscreen before I leave home? 

Most sunscreen's instructions state "apply before sun exposure" not clarifying how many minutes before sun exposure to apply.  According to many dermatologists and other skin care professionals, sunscreen must be applied 20 - 30 minutes before sun exposure to be effective.  When sunscreen is applied in the backyard:  the deck can become slippery, the sunscreen washes off in the water stinging your child's eyes (as well as the children that follow his/her lesson) and it makes it difficult for the instructor to safely hold your child during their lesson. 

Are there make-up lessons? 

No.  If a child is taking lessons with his/her sibling, then the sibling able to attend will receive a private lesson.  It is too difficult to manage and schedule make-up lessons.  Places that offer make-up lessons are typically for group classes.  Our program offers private and semi-private lessons.  

Is food allowed in the backyard? 

No.  I have students that are allergic from anything from ants to milk to peanut butter to who knows what.  Please respect that I have decided to welcome all children into my program.  This means that my own family does not eat in our backyard except for weekends when we sterilize it afterwards.  Please respect and follow this rule for everyone’s safety.

Is there a restroom available? 


Can I change my children in your backyard? 

No.  I understand and respect the need to change children out of wet bathing suits, but please be respectful of the next class.  Several children are easily distracted and I’m trying to provide them with the same great lesson that your child received.  I would suggest quickly changing him/her in your car. 

Can there be more than 2 students in a class? 

Yes, I will teach more than 2 students in a class.  There are a few restrictions – parking of course and you will need to form the class.  The group should be similar in ability or all related.  I have found this works out best for the class.

Are there “Mommy & Me” classes? 

I love teaching “Mommy & Me.”  Unfortunately, I cannot teach them and follow the City of Plano parking restrictions for a home business.